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February News

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Beginner SKYZONE
event is set for 1/31!
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St. Patrick's Day Special!

If you think you are ready to learn a REAL Irish Jig, register for our 6 week mini session for beginners ages 4 & up.  The first class is free and you'll save $25 during our St. Patrick's Day special!!!

St. Patrick's Day Mini Session 

Upcoming Performances

2/19 - Buffalo Irish Center - Great Guinness Toast 9:30PM

3/13 - The Irishman 6:30PM

3/15 - Eagle House 6:00PM

3/17 - Cole's on Elmwood 7:00PM

3/17 - Buffalo Irish Center 9:15PM

3/18 - The Irishman 5:30PM

3/18 - Live at O'Larkin (Larkin Square) 7:00PM

3/18 - World of Beer (Galleria Mall) 8:00PM

3/20 - St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown

3/20 - Hamlin House (Troop I) Post-Parade Party - Approx 3:30PM

3/20 - Cole's on Elmwood 5:00PM

3/20 - Sean Patrick's 6:00PM

3/20 - Buffalo Irish Center 7:30PM

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